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Solo Ukulele

Sondra has been a performer her entire life. She plays hand percussion and ukulele primarily these days. This is one example of a solo,

Blackbird by The Beatles. This can be incorporated with songs from the 1920's, and on. In her Assisted Living/Seniors programs, you can hear songs such as Dream A Little Dream, As Time Goes By, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, Til There Was You, and many more. The audience can sing along, or just sit back and enjoy!  Pricing varies with your needs. Please contact for a quote.

Story/Music - Fanga

Sondra has been performing Fanga since the 1990's, as part of her storytelling programs. This performance is from the early 2000's, at the Boulder Public Library.

This song may have been written by the great Nigerian performer, Babatunde Olatunji, or he brought it from his home when he came to America in the 1950's. Sondra confirmed her playing and singing of it in a workshop with Baba at Naropa in 2001.

It is an easily accessible song for people new to African songs and rhythm. The dance is adapted from The Dances of Universal Peace. Fanga is an involving way that Sondra often ends her story programs, to get the audience up and moving, and singing on their way out! For elementary aged children to adult.


Other Performances

For four years, Sondra played with the Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra. This is one performance for a Holiday show, a little known song called Hanukkah in Santa Monica by the great Tom Lehrer. Just to give you the idea of how fun a performance can be!

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