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Stories of Rhythm and Fantasy is an original CD, created for lovers of story. 

Consisting of stories, song, and rhythm, this professionally produced recording will appeal to all ages! Great stocking stuffer for the Holidays, birthday presents, or just because you love stories!

Stories of Rhythm and Fantasy won the 2008 Children's Music Web Award for Best Spoken Word for School Age Children!  This was the only children's entertainment award decided by kids! This organization no longer has an awards program, however the award was much appreciated!

CD can be ordered directly from Sondra using Paypal, check, or cash for $12 plus shipping and packaging.

The CD Includes:

  1. Joy Madison Carter Makes Noise 12:51

  2. The Littlest Drum 7:55

  3. Cycles in Time (drum song) 1:47

  4. The Prince and the Gryphon or the Truth About Boredom 30:25

  5. I've Got A Song in My Head (song) 3:11

  6. Gerald the Giant 15:12

“Sondra's original stories, told with her beautiful voice and evocative rhythms, provide a delightful and thought-provoking journey into fantasy that is as vivid on this recording as it has been for her live audiences at the library.”

-Carol Heepke, Program Coordinator,
Boulder Public Library, Retired

“Singer has developed a way with words...and noise.
It’s the perfect attention-getter, and it holds her young listeners rapt.”

-Susan Froyd, Westword

“Sondra is a gifted storyteller. She brings together her passions for storytelling and drumming in this CD. Her original tales invoke your imagination and pull you into a world of rhythm and fantasy. Drums, giants, princes, music, and rambunctious little girls all add up to a great CD for kids!”

-Rhonda Sheya, Former General Manager,
Radio Disney, Denver

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