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About and Bio

Sondra Singer has been creative her entire life. Whether it was playing piano by ear at age 7 or convincing her boss at Denver's KOOL 105 to allow her to do bits on the air when she was also  the National Sales Manager, Sondra has brought her own brand of entertainment to audiences for decades.

Today, Sondra continues to be a storyteller for children, families, and adults, as she has done for almost 25 years. She also plays her ukulele for different age groups and venues, and plays percussion for everything from rock 'n roll to spiritual gatherings.  Sondra is a certified leader for Dances of Universal Peace, and a writer.

Sondra performs with Helen Trencher as Alafia when a more full-bodied story program or educational workshop is requested.

Sondra can also be contracted to consult businesses and organizations on sales, management, working together harmoniously, and more. She can also fill in as a salesperson, particularly in media, when a staff member is out for extended periods.

Ms. Singer has a degree in Speech/Theater/Communications from Bowling Green State University, as well as over 30 years as a successful salesperson in radio/TV/print/digital advertising, a challenging business.

If you are looking for a storyteller, musician, writer for your website, or consultant/speaker for your business, Sondra will spark joy!


Sondra has been giving story/music programs for an array of organizations for over 20 years; from libraries to schools, to festivals, county fairs, parties, and foundations. Sondra is a member, in good standing, with both The Rocky Mountain Storytellers ( and The National Storytelling Network ( Hire her for your event! 


Sondra has played musical instruments since childhood. These days, she plays both ukulele and hand percussion. As a member of the Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra, she performed as both a player and vocalist for four years. Today, she uses her ukulele and vocals in a rock 'n roll band, High Index, as well as performing for elders with vintage and time-tested songs that all can enjoy and sing along.


Sondra currently manages two blogs, one on travel and one on sales/marketing.

Consultant/Sales Temp:

Sondra was both in sales and management in radio for over 30 years, and can help you build or maintain the best sales organization you can imagine! And, she is available as a media salesperson on a temporary/part time basis when an organization needs a hand or when staff members are on extended leave.

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