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Sondra Singer
Portrait of Sondra Singer

Sondra Singer is a storyteller, actress, writer, musician, singer, and Certified Leader of Dances of Universal Peace, in Denver,Colorado. She has been performing since childhood. Her performances include folk tales from Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere, original tales that delight, and true stories of peace work. Many programs also include percussion pieces, rhythm instruction, and interactive experiences for the entire family. Sondra has appeared at public venues such as the Denver Zoo, Lakewood Art Fest, Boulder County Fair, Adams County Fair, the Colorado Performing Arts Festival, The Winter Festival of Stories, Rocky Mountain Storytellers’ Conference, schools, synagogues, and churches across the Front Range of Colorado. Member of the National Storyteller’s Network, Rocky Mountain Storyteller’s Guild, Rocky Mountain Storytellers’ Conference.

You can contact Sondra at:

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Storytelling Programs

Sondra is available to perform programs for parties, festivals, children's stages, adult story programs, schools, libraries, and customized programs. Rates available upon request. Some programs include accompanists.

 See Sondra perform Fanga!
WMV video — (broadband connection recommended)

Examples of Children's Programs:

Joy Madison Carter Makes Noise — This popular 30-45 minute program includes an original story about a little girl who likes to make noise, which is followed by rhythm instruction, a short demonstration, a Bantu (Congolese) tale, and an interactive song and dance. Appropriate for all ages, especially ages 3-10.

A Tour of Africa in Story and Rhythm — Entertaining tales from different parts of the African continent are surrounded by rhythms and songs from Africa. 30-45 Minutes, appropriate for all ages.

Examples of Elder Children
and Adult Programs:

Tales of the Earth, Songs of Peace — This solo program incorporates ethnic folktales, songs, and Dances of Universal Peace, with the theme of environmental responsibility and awareness. Tales include The People Who Hugged the Trees, a story from India, about a girl who lives in a poor village at the edge of a great desert, her love of the trees that protect the village, and her great courage in saving those trees from the Maharaja's axes; also, The Screen of Frogs, a folktale from Japan about a selfish wealthy lad and his transformation to caring protector of the land and animals. Also included in this program are songs from songwriters such as Pete Seeger, and local singer/songwriter Clint Brown, participatory songs that capture the love of the Earth. Where space and time are available, there can be Dances of Universal Peace (see for more information) that help us to connect more deeply to the earth, including dances from the Hawaiian Islands, the Creation-Centered Mystical Christian tradition, and Native American tradition. This program can also be performed as a duo performance with Helen Trencher. In that program, there are additional stories, including The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, Gecko Cannot Sleep, and other tales. This would be a great program for an Earth Day theme or anytime you want to teach about care of the Earth!

Chanukah and Kwanzaa: The Other December Holidays — This program was originally commissioned for Middle School students.  For those looking for a different kind of “holiday” program, this presentation by Helen Trencher and me, as Alafia, brings you information, stories, songs, and games from the “holiday” holidays that take place (usually) in December.  Starting with Chanukah, we share information about the holiday historically, show some of the symbols of the holiday, then share songs, and involve the audience in a game with a giant Dreidel (a 4-sided top used for a children's game).  We then move to Kwanzaa.  First showing the audience the symbols used during the holiday, then some historical information, we sing, share a story that could be told during Kwanzaa, and, if there is time, play a rhythm game.  With so much emphasis on Christmas at the end of the year, every year, why not present a fun and entertaining alternative this year?

Building Bridges: Stories, Songs, and Dance About Getting Along — 30 minute to 1 hour program about creating peace. The program has many modules to choose from, including true, original, and folk tales, songs, rhythm, and Dances of Universal Peace. Flexible outline depending upon the time of the year, and the group.

The Woman Who Was Almost Stoned to Death and other Middle Eastern Stories — This program can be all Jewish tales. It can be a combination of Jewish and Persian or Arabic tales. It can even be the title story, presented as a discussion topic, comparing this story as it traveled across the Middle East. I have it as a Jewish tale, and also as a Moroccan tale, so that a fascinating program can be woven about preconceived notions of ethnicity.


Once upon a time, in a former life, we guess that Sondra Singer and Helen Trencher lived in an African village. They were drummers and storytellers and very good friends. In this lifetime, Sondra and Helen became performing partners in 1999 while playing with the African drum troupe, Oyoyo. They both realized an affinity for culturally-based rhythms, stories, and songs and struck out on their own under the moniker of Alafia (which means peace). Much of their current programming centers around the themes of peace, building bridges, African and Middle Eastern culture, and actively engaging their audiences — which have ranged in age from 2 to 92! This dynamic duo have shared their talents at the Arapahoe Library District’s Storytelling Extravaganza, at the Rocky Mountain Storytellers Conference, The Winter Festival of Stories, and numerous other venues across the Front Range of Colorado. If you are attending a festival, look for our names, as well as Alafia ...and hopefully you’ll find the two of us, singing, dancing, rhythm-making and storytelling — just remember, we’ve done this for lifetimes!

Helen, too, has a website for the many things she does without me, as well as Alafia.  Go to for more information.


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